Saturday 20.05.2017

OHH & Metro open together:
Arctia's floating office and icebreaker dock
Time 13.00, 14.00
Address Laivastokatu 9, 00160 Helsinki
Meeting point Arctia gate at the end of Laivastokatu
Guides Press Officer, Arctia and architectural office K2S
Esteettömyys Accessible to wheelchairs.
Lisäohjeita RAFFLE! Due to security restrictions the amount of participants is limited and attendees are chosen through a raffle. To take part in the raffle, send an e-mail with the subject "Arctia" to info@openhousehelsinki.fi. Include your e-mail and telephone contacts in the message. The raffle is open 1-11 May 2017. Winners will be informed personally. The tickets are for two people. NOTE TO WINNERS! Bring a picture ID on the tour.
The icebreaker shipping company Arctia's office has been constructed on a floating steel pontoon. A water ballast system ensures that the buoyant office remains at level with the dock. Finland's first floating office was awarded by the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers in 2013.

The horizontal frame and black metallic facade bring to mind the traditional icebreakers made by Arctia. The two-storey office building fits in naturally among the icebreakers, although smaller in scale. The entrance lobby is made from softly curving lacquered wood. The tour is hosted by an architect from K2S Architects.

Arctia's legendary icebreakers Voima, Urho, Sisu, Otso, Kontio and Polaris are an essential part of Helsinki's summer cityscape. In winter, their job is to keep the country's ports open and to assist other ships in the icy conditions of the Arctic Sea. The tour-goers have time to admire these icebreakers from the dock.

Kuva: Arctia Oy

Allas Sea Pool
Time 11.00
Address Katajanokanranta 2, 00160 Helsinki
Meeting point Main entrance
Guides Pekka Pakkanen, head designer
Esteettömyys Accessible to wheelchairs.
Lisäohjeita We recommend to arrive on foot or using public transportation.
The Allas Sea Pool is a temporary swimming pool and an oasis of urban culture, partly financed through crowd-funding. The complex has been completed in four phases, the last of these finalised in spring 2017.

The premises comprise of a floating pool area with both a fresh water pool and a sea water one, as well as an event yard and the main building.

The sculpture-like wooden building shapes new views out to the open sea and to the Market Square. The construction creates privacy for the yards, offers shelter from sea winds, and acts as a new landmark in the area.

The tour offers insight into the architecture, activities and spaces of Allas.


Kuva: Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen arkkitehdit

Lonna Sauna
Time 12.00
Address Lonna saari, Helsinki
Meeting point Dock
Guides OOPEAA / director, architect Anssi Lassila
Esteettömyys Not accessible to wheelchairs.
Lisäohjeita The island of Lonna can be reached on a waterbus operated by JT-Line. The tour starts at the JT-Line dock (Kolera-allas) at the Market Square at 11.30am. In English.
Lonna Sauna is a new a public sauna located on the small island of Lonna in the archipelago just in front of the city center of Helsinki.
On the border between urban and nature, between the busy life of the city and the open landscapes on the sea, with views framing the silhouette of city on one side and opening towards the see on the other, the Lonna Sauna is a new building sitting in the context of a group of old historical structures built during the Russian rule in the 19th century. The island used to be occupied by the military and has only very recently been opened up to the public.
The old buildings on the Lonna island are landmarked and the nature on the island is delicate and special. Offering people a way to relax and enjoy nature and the sea, just a short boat trip away from the city, the Lonna Sauna is part of this environment where the man-made meets the natural and enters into dialogue with it. With its wood-burning stove it is about the bathing experience, and about being able to look out to the sea while relaxing in the warmth of the sauna.
The unique natural features of the Lonna island provide a great opportunity for adding something special and authentic to the idea of an urban public sauna building.
The Lonna Sauna will be officially opened to the public in summer 2017. The building is commissioned by the Governing Body of Suomenlinna.

Kuva: Suomenlinna hoitokunta

Villas of Vartiosaari
Time 12.30
Address Vartiosaari
Meeting point Reposalmi dock at the end of Reposalmentie
Guides Architects Maria Isotupa, Suvi Huttunen and Ritva Luoto
Esteettömyys Not accessible to wheelchairs.
Lisäohjeita LIMITED ATTENDANCE! The tour can accommodate the first 90 to arrive. We recommend to arrive by public transport. There is a parking lot at the end of Reposalmentie with very limited parking spots. The terrain is challenging – wear good shoes for walking! The tour starts at the Reposalmi dock at 12.30pm and finishes at 3.30pm (time of departure from Vartiosaari).
The island of Vartiosaari has a rich cultural history. Located in eastern Helsinki, the island is dotted with villas and summer houses, with a long tradition of garden living. Vartiosaari is considered a nationally significant cultural heritage site as part of the old summer villa belt of Helsinki's steam ship routes.

The island has around 50 villas and holiday houses, as well as around 100 other buildings in various conditions. Vartiosaari has about 20 year-round residents. Most of the buildings are used only in summer and for recreation. The City of Helsinki also organises summer activities for children and young people on the island as a collaboration of the city's youth services and social services. Some labour unions and other associations also host recreational activities on Vartiosaari. The island is only accessible by water.

The tour visits six different villas: Bergkulla, Furubacka, Janneberg, Kaislikko, Sunnanvik and Stugan. Participants hear about the history and present day of the island, as well as its buildings. There are also islanders present to tell about their villas and activities.

Kuva: Ksv

Fazer Visitor and Meeting Centre
Time 13.00
Address Fazerintie 6, 01230 Vantaa
Meeting point Fazer Experience, main entrance
Guides Mikko Summanen, architect SAFA, professor
Esteettömyys Accessible to wheelchairs.
Fazer is a brand known to all Finns. Many people have personal memories of school visits to the legendary chocolate and confectionary factory in Vaarala. The new visitor centre continues this tradition with new takes. The project has shaped the Fazerila compounds greatly: new buildings and removed fences make the factory area into a diverse open experience for visitors.

The visitor centre is a pavilion-like construction and a new landmark for the area. The parking areas among Fazerintie have turned into park-like green areas. The route to the visitor centre takes visitors through an ingredient garden featuring grains and fruits used in products.

The curved lower roof made of wood is the strongest architectural element in the visitor centre. The main entrance leads to the exhibition spaces and to the café and factory shop. The tropical green room is the heart of the building. Visitors can marvel at cocoa trees and vanilla vines or see what a cinnamon tree looks like, continuing the theme of ingredients starting outside.

The visitor centre showcases Fazer's traditions and future with a strong emphasis on experience and action through chocolate tastings, cooking classes and 3D printed chocolate, for instance.

The Fazer Visitor Centre received the 2016 Steel Construction Award, and the City of Vantaa Architectural Award in 2017.

Kuva: Mika Huisman

Time 13.00, 15.00, 22.00
Address Aleksanterinkatu 52 B 00101 Helsinki
Meeting point Entrance on Mannerheimintie
Guides Weikko Kotila, architect
Esteettömyys Not accessible to wheelchairs.
Lisäohjeita Limited attendance! The tour can accommodate the first 20 to arrive. Not suitable for people with mobility limitations. Due to safety measures, we recommend flat shoes as a part of the tour goes through uneven stairs, as well as a rooftop visit. The meeting point is at the Mannerheimintie side entrance of the Stockmann department store. The tour can accommodate the first 20 to arrive. Duration 1-1.5h.
Welcome to downtown Helsinki's landmark, the legendary Stockmann department store!

Stockmann is one of Europe's largest department stores and offers a spectacular setting for a guided tour. Participants get to know about the interesting 150-year history of Stockmann.

The tour shares stories on the department store's history, as well as behind-the-scenes peeks. We will admire the structure of the glass ceiling above the cosmetics floor, as well as the walls of the old light shaft. The tour includes a visit to the underground maintenance tunnel, a ride on the rare paternoster elevator, and a moment to take in the city from the rooftop.

The tour is guided by architect Weikko Kotila, who participated in the extension renovation of the department store.

There is also a night visit past opening hours.


Kuva: Kenneth Luoto

Time 14.00
Address Koirasaarentie 34
Meeting point Koirasaarentie 34, square
Guides Project manager Ulla Kuitunen and architect Elina Ahde
Esteettömyys Accessible to wheelchairs.
Lisäohjeita There are construction sites in the area and temporary traffic arrangements also for pedestrians.
Welcome to the new residential area project of Kruunuvuorenranta!

Standing on a magnificent location on the eastern bank of Kruunuvuorenselkä, facing the downtown area, a brand new residential area is in the making. Kruunuvuorenranta offers splendid views of the sea, six kilometres of shoreline, manor parks and authentic archipelago nature.

The construction has been started and the first areas to be completed are Gunillankallio and Borgströminmäki, which will be joined to the old Laajasalo district. The tour takes visitors through these areas with a further stop at the old oil harbour offering spectacular views of downtown Helsinki.

The new city district will house 12 500 residents and will be fully completed after the mid 2020s.

Kuva: Tuomas Uusheimo

'Modern Life' city tour
Time 14.00
Address HAM, Tennispalatsi, Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8, 00100 Helsinki
Meeting point Helsinki Art Museum lobby
Guides Juulia Kauste, director, Finnish Museum of Architecture
Esteettömyys Not accessible to wheelchairs.
The city tour is an extension of the Modern Life! exhibition programme held at the Helsinki Art Museum HAM, taking the participants on a theme tour across the downtown area.

The tour is led by Juulia Kauste, director of the Finnish Museum of Architecture. It offers a unique opportunity to dive into the shapings of modern era Helsinki and its historical layers through architecture.

The Modern Life! exhibition is a joint initiative of five major museums: Finnish Museum of Architecture, Helsinki Art Museum, Finnish Museum of Photography, Alvar Aalto Museum and the Design Museum.

Kuva: Stockmannin tavaratalon rakennustyömaa vuonna 1930. Kuva MFA.

Viuhka apartment building
Time 15.00
Address Retkeilijänkatu 1, 00980 Helsinki
Meeting point Square outside the building
Guides Jaakob Solla, head designer, CEO Konkret Architects
Esteettömyys Accessible to wheelchairs.
Lisäohjeita Parking space by the Rastila metro station.
Situated in Helsinki's Vuosaari district, right by the Rastila metro station, the housing cooperative Helsingin Viuhka was awarded as the Concrete Building of the Year in 2016 for its demanding, innovative and well executed architectural and structural design.

The construction project has a new type of balcony solution, a so-called "dice balcony", which is cast of white concrete as a single unit. The water isolation, water extraction pipes and copings are installed already in an assembly factory.

The outer walls of the building are made of white concrete, graphic concrete and painted surfaces. The balconies on the street side brighten up the facade with their interesting design and surfaces that also serve to reflect light and shadows in a fascinating way.

Kuva: Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy

Hotel Torni: Big city dreams
Time 16.00
Address Yrjönkatu 26, 00100 Helsinki
Meeting point Hotel Torni, main entrance
Guides Joona Rantasalo, guide, Museum of Finnish Architecture
Esteettömyys Not accessible to wheelchairs.
Lisäohjeita Note! Limited attendance! The tour can accommodate the first 20 to arrive at the meeting point.
The architectural circles of 1920s Finland took a liking in all thing American. The United States stood for democracy and development, and its major cities with their skyscrapers were a source of fascination for architects and city planners.

The big city plans and buildings reaching for the sky were left on the drawing board due to financial realities. Hotel Torni was designed by architectural office Jung & Jung. It was completed in 1931 and can be seen as the only "skyscraper" of the era.

Torni was the highest building of its time, although fairly modest on an international scale with its 14 storeys. In comparison, the 381-storey Empire State Building was completed in the same year. A symbol of new era architecture, the building still echoed modernism. A new glimmer shined through, however, in the art deco style interior - a rarity in Finland.

In addition to the architectural viewpoint, the hotel has a colourful history. Its corridors have seen German soldiers, members of the Allied Control Commission, noteworthy figures of culture and politics, as well as associations and hobby groups of all kinds.

Kuva: Apollo, 1931 / MFA

Helsinki City Theatre
Time 16:00
Address Ensi Linja 2, 00530 HELSINKI
Meeting point Main entrance
Guides Pauno Narjus, architect
Esteettömyys Not accessible to wheelchairs.
Lisäohjeita Note! Limited participation! The tour can accommodate the first 30 to arrive.
Would you like to take a look in the scenography workshop, take a moment for yourself on the main stage, or immerse in theatre costumes?

The Helsinki City Theatre is a landmark of modernist architecture, hiding inside it half a decade of Finnish theatre history.

Designed by architect Timo Penttilä, the building was completed in 1967 and its extension, Studio Elsa, in 1989. The protected building has been under renovation for the past couple of years. The doors will reopen in autumn 2017.

The tour offers insight into the theatre's architecture, history and renovation. The tour takes attendees through the big stage and the small stage, as well as backstage.

Come and see if you spot something new!

The 50th anniversary celebrations start with a festive programme on 24 August with the premiere of the major musical Myrskyluodon Maija.


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